As a young mother, I often have found myself overwhelmed with endless errands and various hassles. I look back now and realize how much I missed out on—how much I lost. Precious days and moments I can never take back. The soft touch of my son’s tiny hands. The joy in his giggle as he played in the grass.  The sweet sound of his voice when he’d say, “Mama.”  For me, it felt like there would always be more time— and I didn’t fully appreciate the beautiful gift that I had been given. I chose never to make that mistake again and always appreciate, care for, and cultivate the blessings in my life. 

Once I came to this realization, it didn’t take long to see that I was also taking our own Mother Nature for granted, too. After years of overlooking the state of our planet and my role in it, I began to appreciate the blessing that is our world. I knew I could not let history repeat itself, and that I must do my part to protect, cherish, and preserve the precious gifts given to us by Mother Nature. 

I created Save For Earth Inc in 2019, with the help of my family and friends, who also shared the same vision with me. We launched our online store in 2020 to provide individuals with safe and sustainable products that are eco-friendly and pleasant to use. is our very first initiative, which we hope to expand and grow. Our vision is to reach out to many individuals and to share positive awareness of what we can do together to protect the future of our home.